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Dear Purimgifts Author

Hi, I'm RobberBaroness on Archive.  I can't wait to read your stories- this should be awesome!  I love lots of things in the stories I read, from genre-swapping AUs to villain/heroine angst to silly crackfic.  For the specific fandoms I've requested, I would prefer no porn, but otherwise, have fun and go wild!  (Also, if you want to make any of these characters Jewish for the story, go for it.)

The Frisco Kid
This is such a sweet, loving movie, and it has one of my favorite on-screen depictions of Judaism- as a means of comfort and as a set of guiding principles in hard times.  Avram and Tommy are so cute together in how they bond over the journey; you can ship them together or not, I'm cool either way.  If you do, please don't leave out Rosalie; I know her part is small, but she's so adorable!  If you don't, a story about how they built their new lives together in San Francisco would be fine, or pretty much anything you can think of.

The Path
This game entrances and frustrates me in equal measure.  Who or what are the wolves?  What happens to wach of the Red sisters?  Are they still alive at the end?  Is Grandmother in on all this horror?  I would love a story that fleshes out one or more of the sisters, their dynamic with their wolf, an explanation of what happened to them, or a means by which they could fight back against their fate.  Or all of the above!

Enchanted Forrest Chronicles
These books were my world back in middle school, and I love that other people had similar expereinces.  Cimorene and Morwen are such wonderful characters, and I would love a story that focused on one or both of them.  Or what about the other princesses living among the dragons?  What are their lives like?  Really, this is a world full of possibility, so I'll probably be happy with anything you write.

Fairy Tales and Related Fandoms
As you can tell from my last two requests, fairy tales and their retellings are kind of a thing of mine.  Take a story you love- or a story you hate and think needs fixing- and twist it to your heart's content.  (I would love you if Baba Yaga made an appearance, but there's no obligation!)

There are so many women I would love to hear a story about- Dinah, Yael, Tamar, Deborah, Miriam.  Epilogues to their stories or scenes from their daily lives would be a lovely thing to read, so pick your favorite biblical heroine and tell me about her!


Dear Yuletide Author, 2015

I am super excited to read anything in any of these fandoms, so thank you for offering!

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Dear Jukebox Author

It's wonderful to see there are people who share my musical loves!  I feel like the songs I've picked have lots of story potential, and I can't wait to see what you come up with.

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Dear Fairy Tale Author

Hello there!  Thank you for offering to write for one or more of my chosen fairy tales.  What fun we will have!  In general, I like female characters (and ships that include at least one of them!), hard-won happy endings, genre-swapping AUs, canon divergence, or just something fun and spooky.  I don't like mundane AUs or deathfic (excluding those who die in canon).  Any level of sex or lack thereof is fine, non or dubcon is fine, but please no ABO or scat!

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Dear Purimgifts Author

Hi there!  I've wanted to do this ficathon for years, but never got around to it until now!  I hope you're as excited as I am!  What I've listed below are suggestions, not requirements, so feel free to have fun and play around.  Generally speaking: I'm cool with porn (no ABO or scat) or without; all I request is that any pairings you write involve at least one lady.  I'm not (usually) into mundane AUs, but anything from high fantasy to noir to western to pirates is allowed!

Also, seeing as it's for Purim, feel free (or even encouraged) to portray any characters you choose as Jewish!

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Dear Yuletide Author, 2014

So you've offered one of my fandoms.  Yay!  That means you have good taste!  And now we've established that, let's get into what I'm actually requesting...
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The Hannibal Movies: A Retrospective

I’ve spent a significant portion of my weekend watching all the Hannibal Lecter movies in a row (or almost all- I’ve yet to track down Manhunter and never plan to track down Hannibal Rising), and it’s a very strange experience.  They weren’t filmed in order, and seeing them in sequence completely changes the picture. The Silence of the Lambs takes great pains to show us Clarice’s viewpoint, but since he’s the only major recurring character with the same actor, it was Hannibal’s viewpoint I got this time.  I watched him gain revenge, fall in love, and even sacrifice a literal part of himself in the process.  And a common thought of mine- “Hi, minor character! You’re going to be killed in the next movie!”- probably wasn’t too far off from what he was thinking.

The timeline as established by Red Dragon sets up some disturbing conclusions about other characters as well.  The wounds on Will Graham’s body have barely healed when the perpetually well-intentioned but coldhearted Jack Crawford throws his next empathetic agent to Lecter, and the lonely cannibal just can’t wait to meet her. (Was Chilton right?  Had Lecter been craving female companionship for eight years, even before he got to know and admire her?) Red Dragon also establishes the downward progression of the secondary villains’ moral ambiguity; Francis Dolarhyde is a wreck who tries unsuccessfully to make himself stop killing, Jame Gumb supposedly was abused as a child but shows no sympathetic traits before our eyes, while the notorious Mason Verger is evil incarnate.

In addition, there are no longer any lambs by the time we reach Hannibal (as pointed out by critic Stephen Hunter).  We laugh when Lecter kills because his victims aren’t presented as mattering.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: while Mikkelsen’s Hannibal resembles Iago, Hopkins resembles Richard III.  He smiles at the audience, lets us in on his schemes, woos his lady while she stares at the body of his latest victim.  Really, he seems to be saying, what else did you expect of me?

(As a side note, I wonder why the good doctor caught on with so many viewers while his teenage female doppleganger, Hayley Stark from Hard Candy, arouses horror and hatred from nearly every review I’ve read?  But maybe I’m being unfair; how would Hannibal have come off to audiences if Verger had been a handsome, charming man who still did all those terrible things?)

Poor Clarice isn’t served well by the progression of the films.  She goes from heroine of the FBI to its victim, and though she does not switch sides (as I’m told she does in the book), there is little she can do to stop the Vergers and Lecters of the world.  The one power left to her is the power (spoken about long ago by Moll Flanders) to say no.  She is beguiled by the serpent, but will not eat the fruit.  She can love a man and refuse to give up who she is for him.  Perhaps I should be content with this.

Critical consensus seems to rank The Silence of the Lambs as a masterpiece,Red Dragon as decent and Hannibal as abysmal.  I won’t argue with that assessment, exactly, but I am glad I had this little marathon.  I’m also glad I’d seen The Silence of the Lambs beforehand; I may not agree with Crawford on everything, but I’d rather have Clarice’s viewpoint in my head than Hannibal’s.

Let's Talk About Staking Vampires

Are you with me so far?

It’s a very visceral method of execution, and some movies (specifically The Lost Boys and Dracula: Dead and Loving It) have had fun with characters who weren’t expecting to end up covered in blood and facing a monster who thrashed violently as they died.  Because it is so up-close and brutal, it can be played any number of ways, and the Hammer films offer more than one way within their Dracula series.  This illustrates any number of things- why the Peter Cushing movies were the best, why they need a good protagonist, the 1960s’ confusing ideas about sex- but also why symbolism should always be thought out beforehand.

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Fanfiction- Laura Dracul

Title: Laura Dracul
Fandom: Monster High/Hammer horror films
Summary: Laura doesn't want to remember her life back in the castle, before she was taken in by the Van Helsings.
Challenge: 30 Day Dark Fandom Challenge
Prompt: Bad memories
Warnings: Childhood trauma

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