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Dear Purimgifts Author

Hi there!  I've wanted to do this ficathon for years, but never got around to it until now!  I hope you're as excited as I am!  What I've listed below are suggestions, not requirements, so feel free to have fun and play around.  Generally speaking: I'm cool with porn (no ABO or scat) or without; all I request is that any pairings you write involve at least one lady.  I'm not (usually) into mundane AUs, but anything from high fantasy to noir to western to pirates is allowed!

Also, seeing as it's for Purim, feel free (or even encouraged) to portray any characters you choose as Jewish!

The Enchanted Forest Chronicles

These books were my jam as a teenager; I just couldn't get enough of them.  Cimorene is awesome!  Kazul is awesome!  Morwen is awesome!  You could focus on any of those ladies, or you could focus on those who are usually sidelined by the books.  It can't be that easy being a traditional fairy tale princess, after all, having to deliberately try to get yourself endangered so as to raise your marriage prospects- feel free to show what the world is like for those that Cimorene scoffs at!


I love tarot cards, and collect variant decks.  There are all sorts of fun enigmatic figures there (including the High Priestess, who is often depicted as holding the Torah...) and you could show them on their own or interacting.  Or even go meta and have them be aware of their function as fortune-telling tools.

The Thin Man

Nick and Nora are perfect in so many ways.  I love the way they tease each other about their marriage, totally secure in their love, and I love how two such frivolous people can be such a force of good.  Nick seems to have been a film noir hero before settling down, so you could have fun with that (and with Nora's contrasted high class background), or you could just show me some fun romantic moments between them.

True Grit (2010)

I probably don't need to tell you that Mattie is a great character, because she totally is- not just 'badass', but also heartbroken and bitter, with her nerves of steel meaning more than sharpshooting.  The ending is bittersweet, as she was clearly not a woman who could integrate well into everyday society, but I'd like to think she didn't mind.  If you could show her being happy in her own way, or a few instances of her continuing to be her own indomitable self as she grows older, that would be lovely.


There are golems in these books!  They have Yiddish names!  How cool is that?  The books are a little fuzzy as to whether Judaism exists or not (it shouldn't, since the universe is pantheistic, but kosher butcheries are mentioned) so now's your chance to do some world-building.  As far as ladies go, my favorite by far is Susan, but appearances from Spike and Angua also wouldn't be out of order.