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Dear Fairy Tale Author

Hello there!  Thank you for offering to write for one or more of my chosen fairy tales.  What fun we will have!  In general, I like female characters (and ships that include at least one of them!), hard-won happy endings, genre-swapping AUs, canon divergence, or just something fun and spooky.  I don't like mundane AUs or deathfic (excluding those who die in canon).  Any level of sex or lack thereof is fine, non or dubcon is fine, but please no ABO or scat!

Vasilisa the Beautiful
I LOVE Baba Yaga.  What really blew my mind about her as a child reading fairy tales was that she could be a good guy or a bad guy depending on the story- sometimes even a little of both!  I've always imagined her having a certain amount of affection for Vasilisa, as she elegently solves the "evil stepfamily" problem in a way most fairy godmothers wouldn't...but what does Vasilisa think of all this?  Is she horrified by the destruction she has unknowingly wrought, or did she hope for this outcome all along?  Is she a bit of a witch herself?  And just what would a day in Baba Yaga's hut look like?

The Wise Men of Chelm
These are such delightful stories- you can find them online or in various collections.  I love how very Jewish the setup is- the sages argue and discuss, and although the conclusions they reach are ridiculous, there's always some perverse trail of logic behind them.  You can elaborate on an existing Chelm story, or come up with a new one.  What problems would the wise men of Chelm deal with in the twentieth century?  What would they deal with today?

The Death of Koschei the Deathless
Here's Baba Yaga again, along with her frequent nemesis/frenemy Koschei the Deathless.  (If you want to give them a relationship beyond rivals- such as that of mother and son or ex-lovers- go for it.)  While I quite enjoyed the novel Deathless, I'm not looking for that right now- I'm looking for the stories of a warrior princess, a lustful dark sorcerer, a foolish hero and the cranky witch who helps him.  You can focus on Marya's abduction, her rescue, or the nature of the magic itself.  After all, how does one remove one's own death?  Is Koschei what we would think of today as a lich?

The Robber Bridegroom
This is, in my opinion, one of the all-time creepiest fairy tales.  It's right up there with Bluebeard, except that in this case the heroine's curiosity is presented as a good thing which saves her life.  Tell me a story about her if you want, or about the wicked and seductive cannibal she was engaged to, and what terrible things went on in the forrest.  One possible idea- what if he wasn't planning to kill his latest bride, but to forcibly induct her into his gang?  (If you want to make them not just cannibals but vampires, I am totally in favor of that and have written something inspired by that concept myself.)