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dangerousdame's Journal

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As you may already know, I'm an aspiring writer/actress and full time nerd with an interest in some of the darker fandoms- film noir, Dracula, Sweeney Todd, ect.

My Awards can be found here: http://dangerousdame.livejournal.com/12602.html#cutid1

My Stamps can be found here: http://dangerousdame.livejournal.com/25531.html

Resources for icons were found at/made by: icon_extras, icon_tutorial, texturize, innocent_lexys, moshesque, wrennette, http://99mockingbirds.chanlu.org/index.php, janine42584, erniemay, sixtysixheavens, frozen_mint, rainsong_icons, bigbang_mint, elec3nity, wash_when_dirty, blimey_icons, acidicicons, gravira, x_momolicious_x, sanami276, 2baki, september_icons

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