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Dear Yuletide Author, 2014

So you've offered one of my fandoms.  Yay!  That means you have good taste!  And now we've established that, let's get into what I'm actually requesting...

Addams Family (TV 1964)

Aside from that one episode with the James Dean-alike, the sixties as a time period isn't really explored in the show.  But by locating our favorite gang of weirdos in that time period, a world of possibilities is opened up.  What will Wednesday and Pugsley be like when they hit their teens in the seventies?  Will Wednesday hop on the punk bandwagon and get a head start on the goth genre?  Will Pugsley fulfill his father's wishes and become a latter-day beatnik?  Will Morticia get into women's liberation (I can't imagine that Gomez would object) and be the terror of her womens' group?  And what about the stuff already going on in the sixties- the war, the hippie movement, the loss of a president, the explosion of pop culture?  How does a family of outsiders deal with all of that?

If you want to run with any or all of these concepts, I would be a very happy girl indeed!

Dark Shadows (1966)

I love Julia and I love Barnabas, and I love the fact that the writers have said they were intended to eventually get together.  What I don't always love are their plots.  Poor Julia gets abused terribly at times, and Barnabas' character goes from tragic and sympathetic to absolutely monstrous depending on the episode.  But the nice thing about Dark Shadows is that there's an in-universe way to explain and/or fix everything: time travel!

What I'm asking for is an examination of their relationship, particularly in regards to what happened with Vicki's jaunt to 1795.  What if that chaos butterfly ended up changing everything?  How would a suddenly-nice Barnabas who didn't chase his unrequited love to her death but lost her to the curse of a witch deal with a woman who remembered him as a monster?  Or the other way around- what if Barnabas' memory of the past isn't changed, but Julia now knows him as her best friend who would never hurt a fly?

You don't have to do any of that, but I'd love something with Barnabas and Julia working out their issues.  (And possibly Vicki- I love her too!)

Sweeney Todd- Sondheim/Wheeler

I am th author of pretty much all the Toby/Mrs. Lovett stuff on AO3, and this needs to change.  The show frequently casts him as a troubled teenager (particularly in the revival and concert versions) with a massive crush on his rescuer, and his love song to her breaks my heart every time.  Whether you have them run away together, engage them in a secret destructive affair, or simply have Mrs. Lovett play femme fatale to her loyal soldier, I just want to see them together.  Please!

Saints Row

There are so many questions brought up by the Saints Row series (how did the Boss end up a fan of Jane Austen, especially if she's ignorant about Shakespeare?), then there's that ending.  The God-Empress of Mankind and her cronies now have the power of time travel!  The montage gives us a clue of some shenanagins, but I want them elaborated on!  Does the gang decide to live out old-school gangster movies as prohibition bootleggers or run wild as bank robbers in the wild west?  The beauty of it is that any and all AUs are possible!  I'd like to see some of them, with a side note of romance between Female Boss, Johnny Gat, and possibly Matt Miller.

Sleeping Beauty (1959)

I can't be the only one who preferred it when Malificent was evil, can I?  This is a dark fairy queen who openly worshipped the powers of hell!  I don't want to know her tragic backstory, I want to see her causing destruction while opposed by a pure-hearted princess and a trio of non-glamorous but very righteous ladies!  Malificent versus Aurora is what I particularly want here...and as a side note, if Malificent is also the fairy queen from Tam Lin, I would love you forever for playing into my headcanon.

In General
Things I like, both reasonable and wacky, include gothic horror, bittersweet or hard-won happy endings, humor, canon divergence, central female characters, film noir AUs, old west AUs, male-dom BDSM, darkfic with a touch of hope, hurt/comfort, and fairy tale allusions.  Don't limit yourself to these things, though- surprise me if you want!
Things I don't like include totally mundane AUs, deathfic (excluding those canon characters who die), exclusion of female characters from the narrative,  infidelity on the part of "good" people (poly/open relationships are fine, evil people cheating are fine), and certain kinks (scat, watersports, m-preg, A/B/O).
If there's something you're not sure about, feel free to ask on this page.