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Dear Purimgifts Author

Hi, I'm RobberBaroness on Archive.  I can't wait to read your stories- this should be awesome!  I love lots of things in the stories I read, from genre-swapping AUs to villain/heroine angst to silly crackfic.  For the specific fandoms I've requested, I would prefer no porn, but otherwise, have fun and go wild!  (Also, if you want to make any of these characters Jewish for the story, go for it.)

The Frisco Kid
This is such a sweet, loving movie, and it has one of my favorite on-screen depictions of Judaism- as a means of comfort and as a set of guiding principles in hard times.  Avram and Tommy are so cute together in how they bond over the journey; you can ship them together or not, I'm cool either way.  If you do, please don't leave out Rosalie; I know her part is small, but she's so adorable!  If you don't, a story about how they built their new lives together in San Francisco would be fine, or pretty much anything you can think of.

The Path
This game entrances and frustrates me in equal measure.  Who or what are the wolves?  What happens to wach of the Red sisters?  Are they still alive at the end?  Is Grandmother in on all this horror?  I would love a story that fleshes out one or more of the sisters, their dynamic with their wolf, an explanation of what happened to them, or a means by which they could fight back against their fate.  Or all of the above!

Enchanted Forrest Chronicles
These books were my world back in middle school, and I love that other people had similar expereinces.  Cimorene and Morwen are such wonderful characters, and I would love a story that focused on one or both of them.  Or what about the other princesses living among the dragons?  What are their lives like?  Really, this is a world full of possibility, so I'll probably be happy with anything you write.

Fairy Tales and Related Fandoms
As you can tell from my last two requests, fairy tales and their retellings are kind of a thing of mine.  Take a story you love- or a story you hate and think needs fixing- and twist it to your heart's content.  (I would love you if Baba Yaga made an appearance, but there's no obligation!)

There are so many women I would love to hear a story about- Dinah, Yael, Tamar, Deborah, Miriam.  Epilogues to their stories or scenes from their daily lives would be a lovely thing to read, so pick your favorite biblical heroine and tell me about her!